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Friday, November 7, 2008

Stuart Merrill update

I'm sorry I haven't posted on the blog until now. i have been using my facebook to give updates, but here is the information in case you aren't a facebook member (although I would suggest you subscribe - it's free and a good way to stay in touch with Christians across the country).
Stuart Merrill suffered a hemotoma yesterday approximately 1:00 pm Thursday afternoon while working on the roof at the church building. Fortunately, he must have sensed something and held on to the roof with his right arm. He suffered paralysis on the right side, which actually probably helped him stay on the roof long enough for Adrian and Zack to arrive and help get him off the roof. He had remained conscious the entire time. Services here are not adequate for surgery, so this afternoon he was transported to Dnipropetrovsk, where a neurosurgeon will operate on him shortly (if not already). Valerie reported that he was more alert this morning, and his color was better, he was also more responsive, able to move his right side a little more than yesterday. This is what I know as of 5:00 our time (10:00 EST). Kyle and Justin Merrill will be arriving in Dnipropetovsk in one hour.
Thank your for your prayers and keep them coming.
Andrew Green

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